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 Protection for Your Living Spaces

Fresh Start Living Space Protection Products


What does it do for you?

Our FS-1 Special Formula applied to your coach:

  • Reduces the colonization of airborne viruses
  • Reduces the spread of germs 
  • Inhibits mold
  • Inhibits bacterial-born odor

How does it work? 

Studies show that RVs have 1,500 times more potentially harmful germs, viruses and bacteria than the average household.  Our FRESH START FS-1 treatment will reduce the risk of harmful germs and viruses for up to five years. 

FRESH START FS-1 is a medical grade treatment for not only common surface spaces, but also HVAC vent/ducts, mattresses and all the spaces in between.  


What does it do for you?

Our FS-2 Special Formula applied to your coach:

  • Helps prevent staining 
  • Reduces off-gassing 
  • Reduces sun rot 
  • Lengthens textile life 
  • Makes textiles easier to clean

How does it work? 

This commercial textile coating attaches to each fiber with a resin-based formula that prolongs the life of the fabric, improves fiber tensile strength, reduces wear by up to 60% and won't wash out.  Its superior water and oil resistant qualities make the cleanup of liquids, food messes, mud and  grime exceptionally easy.  FRESH START FS-2 is odorless, nontoxic and mold-resistant. 


What does it do for you? 

Our FS-3 Special Formula applied to your coach:

  • Lengthens material lifespan
  • Protects against harmful mildew
  • Protects from black mold staining 

How does it work? 

Transparent cross-link polymers bond to leather and vinyl surfaces to create a protective barrier against water and oil based spills, mold, mildew, UV rays and light scuffs.  Semipermeable and water-based, FRESH START FS-3 leaves a non-glossy, non-greasy, anti-static finish.  That process preserves the beauty of your RVs leather, vinyl and maintains the supple, natural feel of those surfaces.     

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